1 Postal address: 75, Kasym Amanzholov str., Uralsk, West Kazakhstan oblast


2 E-mail address: zko_selhozup@bko.gov.kz


3 Help telephone numbers: telephone 51-27-42


4 Authorization description
State Institution «The administration of Agriculture of the West Kazakhstan oblast» (hereinafterreferred to as – Administration) is the executive body authorized by the Akimat of the region toexercise the functions of local government in the field of agriculture.
5 The list of laws, regulations defining the powers, tasks and functions:The Administration operates in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of
Kazakhstan, acts of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of theRepublic of Kazakhstan, decrees of the regional Akimat, decisions and orders of the regionalakim, as well as these Regulations.